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The primary differences between a general contractor and a handyman are trade-specific knowledge and licensure. While a handyperson has their own tools, they might lack the know-how and license for specific projects. Your best bet is to work with licensed contractors in Jacksonville FL, with the proper credentials. That way, you won’t have to spend money on damages and future repairs. At Ideal Conditions, our general contractor in Jacksonville can help you with any job you have in mind. We have specialist tools and machinery and can handle projects where licensing is needed, such as plumbing installations or complete rewiring.

General Contractor Vs. Handyman: Why Hire A General Contractor?

Here are reasons why our contractor services are highly sought after:

Protect Your Investment

What typically happens when a poorly installed HVAC unit fails, you blame the malfunction on the system, assuming you bought a lemon. However, the issue is almost always with the installation. When a handyman and our contractor install the same unit, it’ll function differently. By hiring us, you protect your investment and get more bang for your buck. You can be sure that we’ll install your equipment correctly the first time.

Education And Experience

Our licensed electricians, plumbing, and HVAC contractors have the required education and on-the-job experience. They’re also updated on all the local laws and regulations to ensure safety compliance. Unlike an unlicensed handyman, leaving projects such as electrical jobs to our professionals will help prevent the possibility of fires and electrocution. Our professional electrical will make sure your property is up to code and safe.


Even though a handyman can fix pieces in a broken HVAC unit or replace the parts until it’s up and running again, our expert contractors use a different approach. They’ll first conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your system to diagnose the root cause of the problem. From there, they’ll work to fix it, but if that will only provide a temporary solution, they’ll recommend a replacement to avoid costly ongoing repairs.


The risk of working with an uninsured handyperson is great. For instance, using a handyman’s services for an HVAC job can expose your family and property to inadequate workmanship and even danger. On the other hand, when you choose Ideal Conditions, our contractors meet and exceed all the industry and safety standards. Over the years, our expert contracts have fixed plenty of errors caused by handymen.


Is the scope of your project big? Perhaps you’re renovating your home, and it requires electrical and plumbing work. This kind of project goes beyond the basic drywall installation and framing and often involves complicated components like reworked plumbing.

Such jobs are better left to our contractors who are experts in their fields. As top-rated contractors, you can have peace of mind that we never cut corners. Rest assured, we’ll use superior quality products and materials and perform the job to your complete satisfaction.

Reliable, Efficient General Contractor Services

Wondering, „where can I find a general contractor?“ Search no further than us at Ideal Conditions. We offer a range of unbeaten general contractor services, including roofing services. Our contractors in Jacksonville FL can handle any job, small or big. Whether it’s minor improvements or whole home remodeling and renovation, we’ll take care of all your needs under one roof. Our A+ BBB-rated company will streamline your next project at a price that’s hard to beat, guaranteed. Book an appointment: 904-379-8762.

Contractors Jacksonville Fl